Zenniam - COURAGE, Aquamarine bracelet



The Zenniam Aquamarine Solitaire Bracelet is a cherished reminder to live your life with courage. Know that you are supported as you work to achieve your dreams and fulfill your destiny. Your aspirations have been sent to you specifically and for a reason. Remember the saying, 'If you can think it you can do it!' Aquamarine is the stone that is going to reassure you to trust in the universe and its plan for you. Think of it as wearing a beautiful drop of the sea. And just like water, aquamarine is a magnificent stone for cleansing your doubts, troubles and stagnant energies. This bracelet will become and inspiring symbol of strength and bravery. Wear it with pride and let courage guide your journey.

Our Zenniam Courage Solitaire bracelet is crafted with a natural semi-precious Aquamarine nugget stone, on an adjustable waxed cream thread with 18k electroplated stainless steel hardware.



Embrace Aquamarine as a symbol of Bravery. Stand tall. Breathe deep. Move forward. Nothing holds you back unless you let it. A new life needs a new mindset. Step onto a new path, face your fears, open up to opportunities. Unleash your true self. With courage comes success.



About Aquamarine

Aquamarine is found mainly in USA, Brazil, Australia, Mexico, Afghanistan & Pakistan. It is a form of Beryl and closely related to emeralds and morganite. Having a Mohs hardness factor of 7.5 -8 it is an extremely durable, transparent blue stone. The name Aquamarine came from the latin words for sea water and is believed to be the treasure of mermaids. Sailors and fishermen also carry this gorgeous stone to bring them good luck on the sea and their adventures.

Supports: Balance, Peace of mind, Stability, Rejuvenation, Concentration, Reduction of stress
Chakra: Heart (I Love) & Throat (I Speak)
Star Sign: Aries
Element: Water
Colour ways: Blue, Greenish blue
Said to medically help: Auto-immune diseases, Allergies, Hormone balance, Bones