Zenniam - HAPPINESS, Sunstone Bracelet



Bring out your inner radiance with our Zenniam Happiness Sunstone Solitaire Bracelet. This bracelet just shouts joy and party time! It is like rays of sunshine breaking through the clouds on a grey day. Fill your days with optimism, creativity and originality. Release the real you and be proud to show who you are to the world. Know that you are free to be and do exactly what you need. Make your life one that you are proud to wake up in each morning and grateful as fall asleep exhausted each night. Let the sunshine in!

Crafted on waxed tan coloured cotton with 18k electroplated stainless steel hardware, this design showcases a tumbled, polished semi-precious Sunstone crystal, adjustable for an effortless fit, this bracelet is presented on a premium card.



Embrace Sunstone as a symbol of Enthusiasm.
feel confident, optimistic and full of exuberance. Allow are ideas and creativity to flow as you live life of fulfilment.
Focus inwards; nurture yourself and fill your spirit with joy. Smile gently, knowing life is wonderful.



About Sunstone

Sunstone is a vibrant stone and a form of oligoclase feldspar. Found in Sweden, Norway, USA, India, Canada and Australia. It has a Mohs hardness factor of 6-6.5. It has the most diverse, wonderful history through the ages. The Vikings used it as a compass to help them to navigate across the oceans. The ancient Greeks believed it came from the sun god Helios and carried it for luck, strength and vitality. The indigenous tribes of Oregon, North America thought that the colour of sunstone was from the blood of a great warrior and that his spirit lived on in the stone. I'm sure that no matter what the country or the era all would agree that this precious piece of nature is something special and has the ability to spread happiness and nurturing energies.

Supports: Happiness, Joy, Leadership, Independence, Empowerment, Prosperity, Intuition and Self-ImprovementChakra: Sacral (I Feel) & Solar Plexus (I Can)Complimentary
Star Signs: Leo, Libra 
Element: Fire  Colour ways: Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Brown
Said to medically help: Nervous system, Depression, Stomach ulcers, Rheumatism and Metabolism